Five Essential Caravan Accessories for Hunters

Taking your caravan hunting is fun and convenient, but you need the right accessories. Before you load the caravan for your next hunting journey, take a look at this list of essentials. These caravan accessories from companies like Carac Trailers promise to make your next hunting expedition more comfortable and more successful:

1. Awning

After you have killed your prey, dragged it out of the woods and taken it to your caravan, you need a place to butcher it. You can secure a tarp to a picnic table and do it on that, or you can set up a portable table for butchering.

In either case, however, you need to butcher the animal outside, and if it's hot, the sun can become overwhelming. That is why you need an awning -- so you have a shady spot next to your caravan to dress or butcher game. When not in use, awnings roll conveniently away, but when you need them, they help to provide shade.

2. Recreational Motor

Awnings work great in the summer, but regardless of what season it is, a recreational motor can help. During the winter, you can use this extra motor to power your caravan's heater, and in the summer, you can use it to run your air conditioner.

3. GPS

Another essential caravan accessory all hunters need is a GPS system. A built-in GPS system can guide you through hunting lands, and if you are planning to drive anywhere that the GPS cannot get a satellite signal, you can easily download maps and instructions onto the device.

4. All-Terrain Tires

When you purchase a caravan, they typically come with conventional road tyres. However, that doesn't work if you need to drive off the beaten path or through a field as you stalk your prey.

Instead, replace your conventional tyres with all-terrain tyres. AT tyres work off-road, but when you are driving down the motorway, they also have the ability to provide a quiet ride and the grip you need on the bitumen.

5. Undercarriage Storage

No hunting journey is complete without a host of gear, and if you want to fit it all in your caravan, you need extra storage. Undercarriage storage can be accessed from the outside of the caravan, and it gives you the space you need to stow multi-tools, rope, knives, field dressing gloves, binoculars and even guns and ammo.

Alternatively, if you don't want to stow your guns in the underground carriage, you can talk with a caravan accessories salesperson about installing an anchored gun locker in your caravan.