Why a Smartphone is the Most Essential Piece of Camping Kit

When you think of a fun camping trip, you probably imagine being in the middle of nowhere, just you, your tent, and a sleeping bag. But times are changing and the omnipresence of smartphones in the lives of most people cannot be ignored. Unless you are a total camping purist, it's likely that your smartphone will be along for the ride with you. Be a little bit smart about it, and your smartphone could actually be your most treasured piece of camping equipment. Here are some ways that you can maximise its use on a trip.

Turn on the torch. A torch has long been considered an essential piece of kit for any camping trip in the woods, but the downside is that they are bulky, and when you're camping, you want to be as light on your feet as possible. But most smartphones come with in-built powerful torches that can light the way on a narrow track or shed some light on the inside of your backpack when you are desperately trying to find that can of beans you tucked away.

Use the maps function. Pretty much all smartphones have an in-built GPS function, and you don't even need WiFi or data to be able to use that function. This means that you'll never have to worry about finding yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere on a camping trip again. Finally, camping is open to people who are spatially challenged and struggle with directions – and all thanks to smartphones.

Record the experience. Before the invention of the smartphone, if you wanted to record your camping experience with photos or video, you would have had to invest in separate cameras and video recorders that would be both expensive and bulky to carry around. But you can record every moment of your experience in high definition with a smartphone. This means that the epic sunrise that you watch from the ledge of a mountain will be permanently recorded, and you can share it with your friends when you make it back to civilisation.

Entertainment. The idyllic vision of a camping trip is you surrounded by nature, completely at peace with yourself and the natural world. But the reality is that there are times you'll get bored with your own company and the inside of your tent. When that's the case, your smartphone can act as a reading device, a movie screen, and an audio player.

Just remember to take a solar powered external battery with you so you can keep charged at all times!