A Hard Act To Follow: The Advantages Of Choosing A Hard Floor Camper Trailer

Taking a camper trailer  on the road with you for your vacations and getaways is a great way to experience all the comforts of home without having to shell out for expensive, crowded hotels, or go to the expense and effort of driving a full-blown RV. However, camper trailers come in a vast array of types, sizes and configurations, and choosing the right one for your needs before you buy is essential to happy holidaying.

One of the most difficult decisions you will have to make when choosing a camper trailer is whether to opt for a hard or soft floored model. As a general rule, hard floored trailers are more expensive; however, they also have a number of advantages that soft floored trailers cannot match, potentially making the extra investment well worth it.

Easy set up

Once you arrive at our destination, unpacking and pitching up a soft floored camper trailer can be difficult and laborious. The soft, waterproof groundsheet must be carefully laid out and fitted, before being put under tension with guy-ropes and pegs to flatten the floor and eliminate tip hazards.

By contrast, a camper trailer with a hard floor can be unpacked and fully set up remarkably quickly, as the rigid floor panels are hinged and can be unfolded and fitted into place without complicated instructions. Some high-end camper trailers even have hard floors that deploy automatically, making setting up your camper trailer only slightly more complicated than parking up an expensive caravan or RV.

Easy to clean

Cleaning dirt and loose detritus off of a loose, crumpled groundsheet can be a hassle, but hard floored camper trailers are much easier to keep neat and tidy. Their floors can be cleaned with ordinary household cleaning appliances such as mops and vacuum cleaners, and are tough enough to resist heavy foot traffic and permanent staining. As an added bonus, the seals between your camper trailer's walls and its hard floor are much tighter than those found in most soft floored trailers, preventing dust and sand from blowing into your portable home.

Less equipment required

Because hard floored camper trailers are so easy to set up, they do not require nearly as much equipment as soft floored trailers (such as peg hammers, guy ropes, groundsheet bags etc). This helps minimise clutter within the limited storage and living space inside your trailer, not to mention making packing (and remembering) all of your equipment at the end of a journey much easier.

Minimal ground preparation needed

Soft floored camper trailer cannot simply be pitched up anywhere, and you will often have to spend precious time removing hard objects and rocks that may pierce the groundsheet or make for unpleasant, uneven sleeping. The rigid floor panels of a hard floored camper trailer do not require this, and can safely be set up anywhere where the ground is reasonably flat, level and free of excessive moisture.