Three Great Camping Buys You Can Find At A Work Clothing Store

The end of summer does not mean the end of camping trips in Queensland. This time is actually the start of ideal camping weather. Less heat, less rain and cooler nights make autumn and winter an attractive time to pack up and head away for the weekend. It is essential to pack safety gear for camping trips, and your local work clothing store is an ideal spot to find these items. Here are three things you can find at a work clothing store to keep you safe while camping.

Sturdy Boots

It does not matter whether you choose bushland or the beach for your camping trip; a pair of sturdy workboots never goes amiss. Want to chop up some wood for a firepit? Steel-toed work boots protect your feet against damage from a slipped axe. Sturdy boots also protect your feet and ankles from snake bites and tree root punctures whilst hiking through the bush. A work clothing store has a vast range of boots designed to protect feet from all types of damage, so it is an ideal choice to shop for camp safety shoes too.

Reflective Vests

Reflective safety vests are not only valuable for the workplace. They are also a great choice to take with you if you plan to walk around after dark. Reflective vests help you quickly find other family members who have strayed away from the pack. Additionally, they ensure your family are seen promptly by others walking or driving in the area where you are. The vest keeps everyone safe. Reflective vests are a staple item at all work clothing stores.

Safety Gear

Work safety stores do not only sell clothing and footwear. They also sell other safety equipment that is useful when camping. For example, many work safety stores sell comprehensive first aid kits. You must have such a kit on hand when camping in case of accidents as local emergency help may be hours away from your campsite. Also, work safety stores sell fire extinguishers. An extinguisher is a valuable tool if you plan to light a fire as you do not want to be responsible for a bushfire.

Before you pack up ready for your next camping trip, take a trip to your local work safety store. There are plenty of items there to help keep your family safe and sound while you go camping during the calmer weather in the months ahead. Contact a work clothing store for more information.