A Hard Act To Follow: The Advantages Of Choosing A Hard Floor Camper Trailer

Taking a camper trailer  on the road with you for your vacations and getaways is a great way to experience all the comforts of home without having to shell out for expensive, crowded hotels, or go to the expense and effort of driving a full-blown RV. However, camper trailers come in a vast array of types, sizes and configurations, and choosing the right one for your needs before you buy is essential to happy holidaying. Read More 

Why a Smartphone is the Most Essential Piece of Camping Kit

When you think of a fun camping trip, you probably imagine being in the middle of nowhere, just you, your tent, and a sleeping bag. But times are changing and the omnipresence of smartphones in the lives of most people cannot be ignored. Unless you are a total camping purist, it's likely that your smartphone will be along for the ride with you. Be a little bit smart about it, and your smartphone could actually be your most treasured piece of camping equipment. Read More 

Five Essential Caravan Accessories for Hunters

Taking your caravan hunting is fun and convenient, but you need the right accessories. Before you load the caravan for your next hunting journey, take a look at this list of essentials. These caravan accessories from companies like Carac Trailers promise to make your next hunting expedition more comfortable and more successful: 1. Awning After you have killed your prey, dragged it out of the woods and taken it to your caravan, you need a place to butcher it. Read More